Drummond for Council

Drummond for Council

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Mayor, Rob Lederer

rob lederer

The City of Fairfax is known by residents and visitors alike as having a special "sense of place." People know one another, we care about our neighborhoods and neighbors and have great City services coupled with low taxes. It's fair to say that we are very blessed to live here.

This "sense of place" though just doesn't appear out of thin air. It has to be created and nurtured so that it is not forgotten and our City remains unique. And more importantly, it requires leadership to craft a vision that people will buy into, follow and execute.

We have been very fortunate over our 50-year history as a City to have great citizens who have elected Mayors and Council members who have worked hard to ensure that the City keeps its good thing going. And since his election in 2002, Mayor Rob Lederer has certainly made his mark on our great City for the better, leading it to greater heights than ever before.

With his announcement yesterday that he will not seek re-election in 2012, it is now time to look back and reflect on what he has been able to accomplish during his time in office as he notes in his announcement letter.

Quite frankly, I looked up to the Mayor as not just a civic leader but a good person. He has always been a friend, not just a supporter. With him, our discussions weren't just about politics or City business. Instead they were about other important matters: our families, our children, our friends and how to make a difference in this community.

And Rob Lederer, the person - not just Rob Lederer, the Mayor, certainly has made a difference in this community.

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